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Privacy Window Film, A Truly Helping Guide

The judges 'commission has set it self the objective of reforming the Sc Passer examination. The main idea is the validation on one examination of the candidates' achievements as a way to open the doors to federal competitions. By producing every effort to dispel at-best the apprehension of the candidates, this reform will attach the utmost value to the conviviality.

Whether or not they get the BSC or not, we must be sure that their first contact sc passer together with the FITF is more human, pleasant, with no "Newbie-Judge" divide. A summary by the end of the examination will supply the prospect the factors for his successor, if essential, his failure of the working directions to get a preparation as time goes on. We'll thus a void the frustration of a choice "cut" of a candidate blocked by e motion.
Deletion of the two-part examination (sounded patent and sung patent.

Proximity to candidate

The jury no longer sits at the rear of its table

Warm welcome and self-confidence when you make contact

Laying the candidate

The candidate will be encouraged by the jury by assistance if necessary.

For the sung exam, the jury will be able to help the prospect on all-brass bands, the candidate must sing his fanfares singly and with out recognized faults.

âDuring the span of the evaluation, the jury will check the musical information (elementary sound of the proboscis), of v-Enery: "you've drawn lots for the theft, it's, what exactly does that suggest? "And of his federation:" Do you know of trumpet champions? "," How can you get into the 1 st category? "...However, the jury, because of its proximity to the prospect and his pedagogy, should lead an applicant to success if he's unable to demonstrate his correct level.